+ + King Dude "Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light" + + July 17th, 2015 + +

  The latest album by King Dude is now available on our Bandcamp Page, digitally, in the form of a limited edition 12" vinyl and on compact disc.


  King Dude's latest full length album, Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light is the newest chapter in an ever unraveling songbook that captivates the listener from beginning to end. This is the King's most personal writing to date, although still divined from the spiritual Light of the Lord, Songs of Flesh & Blood - In The Key of Light is not only a spiritual revelation it is also a revelation of the life of the man behind the music. TJ Cowgill's own recent real life experiences with love, loss, death, and violence are illuminated and explored on this album, sure to be canonized alongside the rest of his work.

  "At times I thought this record will kill me, writing it and recording it, I felt as though I was going insane. Now that it's done I am convinced not only will people love it, but that I have become stronger than my former self. For this divine work I am given, I am blessed." - King Dude


  After extensively touring the world this spring, the King has returned to tour the United States this fall. Supporting him is Foie Gras and Drab Majesty. For tickets click here.


  + + Dreadlords Release Full Length LP + + December 2nd, 2014 + +

  Dreadlords debut record is available now on our Bandcamp Page, digitally and in a limited edition 12" vinyl - Shipping 12/08/14


  + + Bound For The East Coast and Born in Blood + + October 15th, 2013 + +





  + + The Day We Were "Born" + + August 8th, 2013 + +

  Today is our birthday, our first day in the "World" and it is your very existence which has brought us here making you our Father and Mother. Wether or not you love us or hate us, we are here and we love you. Even if you are simply indifferent we could not exist without you existing outside of ourselves now could we?

  Soon we are going to be baptised by the ever-flowing stream of consciousness emit from your eyes, ears, and most importantly your worldly and ever so imperfect flesh. We know the world of flesh is so corrupt and yet you have still created us from it imbued with that glorious and shining "Universal Light" which we intend to shine back most brightly upon you. Thank you for being the Great Masters that you are who have cast us upon reality... It is our sacred intention to please all the souls that come to find us.

  Of course if no soul by comes-a-wandering to take a gander at the strange "Light" they themselves have manifested I assure you, we will quietly and dimly fade back into the phosphorus glow of cyberspace, no harm - no foul. Indeed just like the remaining embers of a once great fire giving themselves over to the night's cold and blind embrace, we will vanish into the aether with nothing more than a small crackling.

  But if the lost souls of the "World" find harmony in these hymnals, conspire along with our contracts, play along with our pranks, and punishments - If they give themselves up to our own cold and blind embrace... Well my friends, our congregation will roar as loud as any lion and louder than all the great blazes that have ever consumed humanity. Oh, that great and fiery force will rage.

- L.T.L.O.T.W.